Rolled Turkey (deposit payment)

Rolled Turkey (deposit payment)

SKU: 9940

Oven ready boned & rolled turkey with giblets.


These turkeys are barn reared with plenty of roaming space, and shelter from the harsh weather!


4kg (feeds 5-7 ppl) - £72

4.5kg (feeds 6-8 ppl) - £81

5kg (feeds 7-9 ppl) - £90

6kg (feeds 9-11 ppl) - £108

6.5kg (feeds 10-12 ppl) - £117

7kg (feeds 11-13 ppl) - £126

8kg (feeds 13-15 ppl) - £144

9kg (feeds 15-17 ppl) - £162

10kg (feeds 17-19 ppl) - £180

11kg (feeds 19-21 ppl) - £198


Choose whether you would like your turkey to come with a bacon lattice covering and stuffing too!

Bacon lattice £3

Rosemary & cranberry stuffing £2.50

  • Delivery Info

    Minimum delivery spend £20.

    We will be doing Christmas deliveries on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd December.

    Alternatively you can collect from us between 23rd - 24th, by prior arrangement.

  • Making payment

    The deposit is payable when ordering.

    When you have made your order you will shortly after receive an email with a full price breakdown. We ask that you pay 80% of the balance by the week before Christmas. This can be done by selecting the 'Christmas Club' item and paying installments as you choose.

    The final balance remaining will be payable on delivery.